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Shenita’s Flowers

40 is the number of a generation. 

40 is the number of exodus. 

I turned 39 this year, and it has been the weirdest time for me. I am not quite sure what I expected, but it has all been entirely unexpected. One of my dearest friends who has become a sister is turning 40 today. Upon that revelation, I asked her what 39 was like for her. Did she stay present and try to enjoy the last year of her thirties, or did she do her best to prepare for the next ten years? She shared that 39 was weird for her, too, but it had been “great.” She said that “learned, experienced, grew, and excelled, all the while seeming to be in the same place.” She went on to explain that she did not truly prepare for the next season. Once the excitement fades, she will be more than prepared. 

I am confident her preparation is adequate, and her excitement is necessary. She is leaving one season, one decade, one generation, and entering into something new, fresh, inviting, and unique. 

Shenita is one of the most hard-working and caring women I know. Within her are generations of strength, endurance, and resilience. She has more than conquered her fair portion of difficulties and challenges. This new season is the termination of every curse and lie she has lived daily. She is breaking out of the mold of the limited expectations of a single mother. She is departing the unhealthy habits that caused her to be stagnant and unstable. 

I believe Shenita is setting a new standard for 40. She purposefully surrounds her self with positive reinforcement. This next generation will experience the effects during her time of refreshing. All of her tears, scars, bruises, and breaks are evidence that her exodus is nigh. The bar is set, and only those tall enough to lean on the everlasting arms of Christ can endure til the end. 

Is she perfect? Definitely not! But she is 100% human. That means through her faults, she is loved. Because she is broken, she is healed. In her weakness, Shenita is renewed through the perfection of God’s strength. Her honesty and transparency make her relatable. Her loving embrace says, “It’s okay!” and “Keep Fighting!” She is the big sister that has given me the love and space I never knew I needed. 

Proverbs 31:28

Her children rise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her. 

Give love. Get love.


2 thoughts on “Shenita’s Flowers

  1. If I remember the 30’s was wrapping up chasing cheese ( looking for jobs that pay well, instead of achieving purpose).
    I perceived the 40’s to be years of judging self, reflecting, reminiscing. It would have been a good time to get married, my body had a lot of energy!
    I began to really bloom in my 50’s, knew what I didn’t want and what is important. A lot of been there done that moments. Got my first degree.
    The 60’s are now about purpose for me, acquired my second degree. Wrote a book. I have reasons to live and be alive. Enjoying grandson. Doing what I want to do. No fulltime work. Life is good. Live, Love and Be happy no matter where you are in life!

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  2. “All of her tears, scars, bruises, and breaks are evidence that her exodus is nigh.” THIS!!!!!!!! i have nothing else to write about this blog. that quote says all i need it to say WHEW!!


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