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Oh God!

I am writing live! Meaning I decided not to wait until later, but I am writing in the moment. I am sitting at work, in my classroom, during nap time in awe of God. I believe in coincidence because I believe in the orchestrated work of God. God is omniscient meaning He knows all. God is omnipotent meaning He is all-powerful. God is omnipresent meaning He is everywhere at the same time. I have often wondered how these attributes are possible but never doubted that they exist.

I am subscribed to YouTube, that like every other web-based service sends me suggestions based on my searches and views. When the notification that Bishop T. D. Jakes sermon from yesterday was available, I was excited. I knew I had to be in the right place to listen. I typically listen in my car on the way to work, knowing that I won’t be able to finish. I followed in the same fashion this morning. As I listened between my morning drive and the few minutes I was in my car during my lunch break, I was thinking of who else could benefit from these truths. At the same time, I was reminded of a webinar I attended last night.

Erykah the Chef held WTF (What the Fuss) How to Detox the Right Way. She skillfully guided us through the truths and myths of cleansing and detoxing. She also explained Mind-Body Balance and how our thoughts weigh on and shift our body’s homeostasis causing us to be in a constant flight or fight. While listening to Bishop Jakes, he described the very same process. I immediately thought, “how ironic!” Yet, I knew it was the timing of God.

As I kept listening, he continued to describe the effects of living in fear. I was scrolling on Instagram (my preferred social media drug of choice!) and one of my old-time friends posted a fear assessment. I took the quiz, and I am 60% procrastinator. During my drive into work and while I was lunching, I was thinking about how much I procrastinate and how it is affecting my progress. I took the quiz once I got back from my lunch run. Again, irony? Yes but also, God.

This all also makes me think of how often this year, I have seen 717 (my birthday day) mostly in time 7:17 and kept thinking that God was trying to tell me something about time. Either my time is now or how I need to be mindful of time. What has been even crazier has been more recent instances where I saw these recurring numbers: 1. on 9/17 at 7:17 pm, I was talking to my mom while her phone was sitting in front of me and she received a notification which made me look down at that exact time. 2. I was scrolling on Facebook (my not-so preferred social media outlet), and a post that I commented on had the timestamp of 7:17. So I know God is trying to get my attention about time AND specifically about my time.

I know ironic situations and coincidences happen, but I am confident that they are all strategically and skillfully arranged by God. It simply amazes me that He is mindful of me. I am on His mind, and He is making sure that I am aware in the most specific and calculated ways. With all these things running concurrently, I had to write it out!

Nap time is over.

Give love. Get love.


One thought on “Oh God!

  1. WOW! Well this was a needed read. I’ve always caught 10:28 on the clock at random moments since high school and just say “it’s my birthday” but never thought to look at it much deeper as MY TIME! this was a good & timely read today. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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