I am your Ready Writer. Let me share your heart’s song.

This blog will be used as my opportunity to share the stories of people who’s song needs to be heard. I love putting people on! If you are doing something so fabulous, so fantastic, so caring, or so emotionally daring, let me tell others about you and the work you do.

I love hard! God has blessed me with the enormous ability to think with my heart 1st. This blog is about getting to know me in various ways – a woman, an aunt, a teacher, a writer, a philanthropist, a lupus survivor, a fibromyalgia fighter,  and just an around the way 80s baby.

I love helping families. So I will offer parents tips and anecdotes based on my education and experience. My bachelor’s degree in early childhood education and years of experience caring for children 5 years and younger make me a resourceful well of information!

I love God. I have cultivated and am still growing in my relationship with Him and learning how to express the love He has so graciously shown me. Being a licensed minister and raised in the church makes me a sinner saved by His grace.

Come along on with me as I take one GIANT step of faith and love.

You can read some of the publications I have had the fortune to write for:

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