Know Your Weight: Women of Influence and Change

Justin, Jason, Isaiah, Isabella, Olivia

Courtney, like most women, juggles several titles. Yet each title [wife, mother, sister, daughter, Mile College expert, entrepreneur, creative, manager, best friend, “the voice,” social media expert, confidant, higher ed consultant] has added to the significance of her unique footprint. Married to the talented Cameron Sankey, Courtney is not a wife that lives in the shadows. She expertly manages her household of 7 with coordinated grace.

Her daytime gig is the Associate Director of Student Success at the historic Miles College. She also serves as the business manager of her husband’s musical career. These two titles alone require superb patience, extreme organizational skills, expert time management, a unique set of people skills, and just a little bit of sass.

Courtney wears a huge “S” on her chest as Supermom to her blended family. She juggles school and sports schedules, shared time with dual custody arrangements, plus snuggles with her 2 youngest girls. Her upbringing in a single-parent household is what Courtney attributes her strength to as a mother because she often finds herself sound just like and acting like Ms. Sadie! Most recently, she shared her battles with postpartum and antepartum depression. She writes:

As far as the postpartum, I suffered from postpartum with Isabella Grace. I wanted to avoid it at all costs, but I captured me. The part that upset me the most is that I felt helpless. I called my doctor, and he immediately recommended a prescription and told me most breastfeeding mothers suffer through it because the medication affects their breastmilk supply. His responses made me feel even more upset so much so that I broke down on the phone with him.

I never really “overcame it,” I suffered through it until I woke one morning and saw the light. After I started feeling like myself again, I felt bad for how I felt while I carried Olivia. As an outward expression of my apology, I literally held her every day, all day during my maternity leave, when I returned to work, every day when I got home, all day during the weekend. All the time. We slept together, the whole nine yards. One night Cameron told me that I needed to put Olivia in her crib so it wouldn’t be so difficult to transition her to her bed when she got older. It wasn’t until I explained my depression that he understood how I felt. That was the first time I put words to how I was feeling.

Courtney’s bravery to express her truth about motherhood is why I agree with her self-description of “climate changer.” The size of her personality matches the size of her heart. She is so influential. The standard she has set as a woman is to be admired. A box cannot hold all of the magic, beauty, and wonder she possesses. I can attest that it is the God in her that empowers her to accomplish all she does in a single 24-hour period.

I think Justin, Jason, Isaiah, Isabella, and Olivia make sure Courtney’s cape stays in tact. Cameron makes sure her crown is polished and sits upright. She is a moving train that cannot be stopped, a force that just won’t quit. I appreciate the strength is exudes. She she daily shows me that it is possible. The life I desire is possible…

Give love. Get love.


One thought on “Justin, Jason, Isaiah, Isabella, Olivia

  1. “The life I desire is possible…” while in my quite time today I wrote in my prayer journal something similar. A lot of times life comes at us so fast and causes us to get caught up in the wave of it all and lose sight of the fact that we are here for a purpose and each day that we are gifted to see means that God still has purpose to be fulfilled in our lives and the more we grow closer to him and become whole the more we will see the life we desire & the one he created for us to live become one and manifest.


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