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My Crown of Glory

Something that I have always known to be true is that the relationship between a woman and her hair is magical. I experienced my own dose of Bippity Boppity Boo tonight! 

A few nights ago, I dreamt that I went to the salon and my stylist opened his shop at the crack of dawn just so I could get my hair done and make it work on time. I decided that I needed to make a hair appointment as soon as possible. I don’t go to the salon often because I am learning how to manage my curls and the longer it gets, the “easier” it is to maintain. When it was shorter, it had own sets of struggles and conveniences. But I did visit the salon but more regularly. I got my hair colored for my birthday this year but haven’t had it straightened in over a year. I typically allow heat at least 2x a year, so it go about 13 months was kinda of a big deal. 

But beyond the styling just getting my hair brushed and washed was a treat. I enjoyed each and every step tonight. And now my hair feels so good! I love wearing my hair curly, but this straight hair is giving me all the right feels! 

I have learned that I express myself through my hair. Not like shaving the sides or coloring it blue but if I feel sad or tired or sick, then I see my hair as sad or tired or sick. And the opposite is true. If I feel good and loved and beautiful, then my hair feels the same, regardless of the style. I needed a break from the curls. I needed to sit at the bowl to get my crown polished and scalp massaged. I needed to lay down my burdens and let them rinse down the drain with the shampoo suds. 

I am genuinely grateful for the hairs God has blessed me with. I know with all that I deal with, it did not have to be this way. I love the versatility. I appreciate that my hair can hold color and heat with little to no damage. I needed tonight to feel the expression of my hair in a new yet familiar way. I have found a new love for my tresses. 

Give love. Get love. 


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