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Just a little randomness

Minutes left to get post #18 out…I am sleepy and forgetting that even though this is a holiday week, I still have to work Monday and Tuesday! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.

I am looking forward to laughing with family and enjoying food that I sometimes wish I would eat more often. 

As I mentally prepare for the week, I am grateful to have such a short work-week, but I think all 15 of my kids will be there. Not the most terrible thing but fewer numbers do make a difference. I have a good group though so I am sure these days will fly by. 

I also have a hair appointment! I haven’t straightened my hair in over year. I know I need my ends trimmed, somewhat considering a cut and I am looking forward to a break from my curls. 

This should be a good week! Hopefully, I will get a few more posts scheduled in order to avoid unprepared posts like this!

Give love. Get love. 


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