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3 Types of Goals THIS Writer Should Have

Per the blogging guru, See Jane Write creator, Javacia suggest writers have 3 types of goals – passion, people, and profit goals. Here are my goals:

Passion goal  – I think this 30 in 30 #bloglikecrazy challenge has renewed my passion to write, in a sense. I have felt a sense of freedom in my writing. One of the main reasons I do not blog more often is the fear that people do not want to read what I write. This challenge has forced me to just write regardless. I have a goal that I need to accomplish, so the write is on.  The goal is to keep writing, obtain a nice freelance contract, and work in a variety of ways – copywriting, research, prose, editorial, and fun. 

People goal – I love helping people. Hopefully something I say in print will help a mom trying to figure out the best educational path for their child or encourage a young girl to find her voice or lead someone on a deeper exploration on their Christian walk. I would also love to be able to interview my favorite people, put them in the spotlight by exposing who I know them to be. 

Profit goal – As I mentioned, a freelance contract would be great. I would also love the opportunity to partner with my favorite brands. I would also love to develop my own publication or work with an established and respected educational publisher. 

These are obtaining goals by writing more, pitching ideas, reading more consistently, and researching more frequently. 

Give love. Get love. 


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