I love Me

A one true love

I am surprised that I have yet to write about my love, my one true addiction, the best thing that has every happened to me – A Different World. This show is one I have watched and can continuous watch forever and ever. 

I don’t recall when we 1st met, but I am pretty sure it was following an episode of my Thursday favorite, The Cosby Show. College was something that was an obvious next step for me following my high school graduation. My dad gave 1 of 2 options – school or military. There was nothing about becoming a soldier that seemed glorious to a nerd like  me so more school was the definite choice.  So watching a show about college with all students and faculty who looked just like me was so invited, especially when it was the total opposite of all my years of schooling. This show made college inviting, achievable, and believable. 

The laughs, the romance, the parties, and the realities of adulting made me want college and everything that came with it. I did not even know what an HBCU was but I was extremely enamored by it all. I still watch the show as often as possible. I still laugh and get hyped on anticipation as if I don’t know each so verbatim. I am not sure if the show will ever get old to me. I don’t know if it should. It always pulls me back in, brightens a gloomy day and gives me comfort at the most convenient times. 

It’s a different world from where you come from…

Give love. Get love. 


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