Ugh!! #bloglikecrazy

Seriously was just gonna double-up on the write tomorrow but nooooo… I had to hop on Instagram and I see my sis-in-law’s post for this #bloglikecrazy challenge so here I am.

Her word of intention for the year is disciple and ironically, this is something I have beat myself up about for the past few weeks, really all of the time but more so now more than ever. And considering the things I am dealing with right now, I should have been running to follow through with today’s writing requirement.

Also ironic, I was inspired to write based on a situation that happened in my classroom today. I was chatting with a parent – one that I haven’t met but who began talking with me as if we have had several conversations. He was concerned about his daughter, somewhat serious convo, and my small group of students took full advantage if my divided attention. I’m was so embarrassed but could not find a good pause in the talk to correct their behavior. What was really making my pressure boil was one typically well-behaved child decided to try to leave the craziness of her classmates so should would not punished with them but all she did was make the situation worse.

The dad and child leave and I immediately remind them that they are not to use any talk I have with any adult as a way to show their behinds. And then I address my dear curly Sue and told her she would be receiving the same consequence as her friends because her choice was even worse than theirs. I told her had she just remained in their craziness and obeyed, she could have avoided this punishment. I said, “you should always do what’s right even when everyone around you is doing wrong.”

Being obedient requires discipline and consistency. I am currently reviewing decisions I have made that have led me to this place I am in to see where I truly lacked discipline and how I was consistent with the wrong behavior. I have been obedient to something and am now dealing with the consequences. Had I found consistency in what I know to be true and created a level of discipline that I find unattainable in the heat of the moment, I would be better off.

Hopefully #bloglikecrazy will teach me how to live like crazy instead of trying to avoid the craziness, like my student. Be obedient in the midst of the craziness because the reward is far greater.

Give love. Get love.


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