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Black Love

From Becoming to Black Love. The OWN Network got me this evening, and I am glad about it. I caught the tail end of Oprah’s interview with forever First Lady Michelle Obama. I am so eager to read her book! As I sat on the edge of the bed plotting my next move, the next show was Black Love. This is a documentary celebrating the beauty and pain of black love. I have seen an episode but not in some time. Tonight’s episode was not anything particularly defining or eye-opening it just provided me with hope. I text one of my best friends to let her know not to give up on me because I had not given up on love. 

Although I got slightly discouraged as I continued to hear these stories seamless weaved around well-chosen topics, I told my best friend that I had experienced some of the same situations that led these couples to find happiness in marriage, something I wholeheartedly desire. She reminded me that maybe I will have one of those moments again with the same person (kinda hoping for someone new) or it just wasn’t the right time. Either way, at 38, I still want marriage, a family, the long-term relationship that I grew up knowing. I believe that there is that one man just for me. I won’t give up or lose hope. God’s timing is just better and perfect. 

The great thing about watching this show is that it reminded me that I am surrounded by so many examples of Black Love. Many of my friends and brother have found their soulmates/true loves/life partners and have the most beautiful babies. I am such a proud godmother and aunt! Their love is necessary. It is evident.  It is beautiful. 

Give love. Get Love. 

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