I love Me

Becoming a British Baker

Ah man!! Gotta play catchup on this 30-day challenge. Honestly, I had no clue what to write about yesterday. I did not skip on purpose, but I did not want a “ramble” post just to meet quota. But #bloglikecrazy has been quite therapeutic and purposeful.

One of my favorite shows, aside from Jeopardy!, is the Great British Baking Show. In my head, I can sing, dance, model, and bake! I am a fan of the Food Network. Not sure where this affinity towards life in the kitchen started but I do enjoy it. However, I am pretty sure my sweet tooth led me to try to be creative in the kitchen. I LOVE cookies. Chocolate chip cookies were always my go-to dessert to make. But I faithfully watch GBBS on Netflix. I end up speaking in a British accent in my head after each binge session!

I am not sure why I love it. I don’t know if it’s the challenges, the lack of dramatics that the shows on The Food Network are becoming notorious for, the kitsch humor, or just the fact that it’s British??

One day soon I will have my own kitchen and be able to experiment. I have no plans to compete or sell my projects. But I will have to embrace a workout regimen and gain a higher level of discipline to support this aspect of my creative nature.

Give love. Get love.


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