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It’s Day 9

This week and this day has been so long! There are many days I come home not wanting to speak because I talk all day. This week was not the exception but the epitome to that notion. I was not prepared for the energy and effort parent conferences would take. This isn’t my 1st year but this year’s conferences felt like a marathon. I was not prepared for the way my class would react to the slight disruption to their schedule. I know children thrive on routine. We did the best we could to prepare them but they showed me that my best was not good enough! 😂 I was not prepared for the way the weather caused my class to unleashed their stir craziness this morning. No, it’s not the 1st time weather has deterred their all important release of energy. However, because I was not prepared, my patience and my gansta were tested like no other. I had to reexamine my purpose as a teacher and wondered if I was too old for this life. Yes, there are teachers older than me, but I wondered if my time was coming to an end. I simply was not mentally or emotionally prepared for what this week and this day had to offer. I thought I was because I prayed about what I would say and how I would express my thoughts about each child, but I truly had no idea how each child would react to their teachers’ plans of parent-teacher conferences. I feel as though I should have known but I had no idea.

Now, I’m laying in bed wishing I had a big glass of red wine to rock me to sleep. But I have learned that even though people are used to repeating this idiom on Monday mornings, “I had a good weekend but it just wasn’t long enough,” my gratitude for Friday evening, all day Saturday and all day Sunday have significantly improved. I am wise enough to know that Mondays are new and fresh and are appreciated. I am learning not to take my weekends for granted, regardless of how they are spent.

This was not a bad week but it was insane. It makes this Friday night moment so much more enjoyable and gives me hope for my Monday.

Give love. Get love.

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