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My Mission Statement aka Personal Statement aka My Manifesto

Something that Javacia of See Jane Write has truly been consistent about other than being a fabulous girl boss, writer, encourager of all things feminist, and an avid Beyonce’ fan is writing a mission statement. Hers is so clean and simple and I’m jealous that I did not think of it 1st. But a prompt for her annual #bloglikecrazy is to write a mission statement. Since she has offered questions, I should be able to complete this task, I think…

  1. Write about the impact you want to have in the world.

Like most compassionate, big-hearted folks, I wanted to end world hunger, find a cure for AIDS and erase homelessness. However, reality and just growing up provided me with an honest pursuit towards my impact. Finding my niche in the world of education has afforded me the opportunity to realize “teach one, reach one.” While figuring out my lane and my path as it relates to my schooling and how far I want to go within this field, my mission became: If I can impact the life of one child, that affect that family which would reach to their community and then broaden into their city and eventually (hopefully) create a ripple to the world. I have also realized that if I can get just one child excited about learning and school that will carry them throughout their educational career then I have expanded my reach.

2. Write about the problem you want to solve.

Again back to education and the kids, I work in early childhood education. The problem is the changing the narrative about what to learn when and what is too soon. Understanding that learning starts in the womb would be the solution. Then not downplaying the purpose and efforts of early childhood education aka child development centers aka school.

Therefore, my statement should read, “I believe every child should love to learn.” Or maybe, “I believe every child should have to the opportunity to love learning.”

I think it needs work or I just need more sleep. Maybe I can build from this thought. I will reexamine it further another day.

I know I want a voice of early childhood education – school for those 5 years and under. It is not daycare. It is not glorified babysitting. It is school, an institution where learning takes place, mostly through play.

To be continued…

Give love. Get love.


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