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A friendship I wish I had

I saw this prompt and immediately thought about my friends. I kept scrolling down the list and knew immediately who I would write about.

My grandmother aka “G-ma,” Katie Lee Nelson Moore, was and still is one of my favorite people. I remember visiting frequently and often. We would not only go for holidays but just about every other weekend, summers, and spring break. I thought my grandmother was one of the most beautiful women ever! Milky smooth skin, silky black hair, round hips, hard hands, and loving arms. She often fussed about my diet because I was so skinny. I was not a fan of meat or bread and did not like milk because of an allergy. Anytime spent with her was always the best. She woke up every morning around 5, like clockwork. The smell of coffee, the buzz of the radio and the sizzle on the stove was the alarm clock for the house.

I have a cousin that is 7 or 8 years my elder. I vaguely recall his actual graduation ceremony, but I distinctly remember my grandmother being extremely proud of him. The look of joy on her face about his attainment was a look I wanted to receive. I was 9 years old. I knew at that moment that regardless, I was graduating from high school.

When she died in 1993, I was crushed. I loved her house, her food, her smell, her love. I was convinced that she would not only see me graduate but she would live forever. When I graduated from high school in 1998, I sobbed. It was mostly tears of joy but also of disappointed that my grandmother was not there to witness my accomplishment. I imagined she was in the stands sitting next to my mother. She was in her Sunday’s best – a light grey or powder blue suit with a black hat with netting, black baguette, and gloves. This outfit may have been in a picture, but that is what she wore on my day. She was full of pride and joy because another grandchild had done their due diligence.

Today, I wish she was still here. I want I could call her and talk. I wish I could still spend weeks or weekends at her house. I wish I could smell the coffee and hear the gospel music humming on the radio while she prepared breakfast. She would have been my best friend.

Give love. Get love.

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