Self Love

Just as you are…

Life will make you write…

#bloglikecrazy Day 3

So I’m in my car, just left a workout session. Legs feel like jello and I think I want to vomit…

I joined the Y last month because of the obvious reason but I never liked the idea of paying for a membership just to work out. However, I decided a monthly automatic withdrawal will force me to be accountable. This is my 3rd visit. I debater on canceling the membership last week until they sent an email stating that I could get a free personal training session. Felt like a God send.

I joined the Y for pilates and water aerobics and I’ve done neither! Today’s leg session was brutal but my choice because I knew an arm session would be far worse and I wasn’t going to completely embarrass myself.

The last song that plays before I exit the car lingers. I was listening to my brother’s song, Simone Grace. (I’ve highlighted this song in a previous post 😉). The hook is “you’re beautiful just as you are” with the vocalist singing, “just as you are.” So as my following the trainer around the various machines, legs feeling like jello, thinking about my recovery and ability to walk tomorrow, all I hear is, “just as you are.”

Exercising, getting in shape are definite confidence boosters. My goal is to feel better so I can do better all the while knowing I’m beautiful just the way I am.

Give love. Get love.


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