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Eye contact #bloglikecrazy #30layers30days

I love that the #30layersfor30days writing challenge coincides with #bloglikecrazy! When in doubt, just pick one 🤷‍♀️

Today is Sunday and I had no desire to go to church today. Couldn’t blame it on the lupus. I legitimately did not want to go. I have been extremely emotional lately, and I think going to church makes me deal with my emotions. Regardless of that, I just did not want to go. Bed was my preference. Just ended a marathon month of church events outside of regular church services and I’m just done.

My hair almost made me miss church. I am not sure what I did to it that was so tragic but I debated through the tangles and the incorporation about going. I was fully dressed, standing in the mirror, and saw myself under the covers. I remember years ago actually thinking it was silly to hear someone skipping church for the exact same reason. But I totally understood tu-day!

However I knew I wanted to avoid every eye possible. I did not want to be cordial or polite. I was on duty today. I work in the production department, so I wanted to do my job and go home. The advantage of working there is that I can slip in and slip out. That was the goal for church today, since I decided to go.

I pretty much accomplished it and I’m proud of that! I don’t think I have left church so quickly. My hair was a fool and I was emotional. If anyone tried to sense something and hug me too long it too hard, I was gonna break!

Shout out the wordpress app that is allowing to blog at the #wokevote event! Go to the polls, Tuesday! ☑

Give love. Get love.


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