Personal essays


adjective: intentional
done on purpose; deliberate.
“intentional wrongdoing and harm”
synonyms: deliberatecalculatedconsciousintended, planned, meantstudiedknowingwillfulpurposefulpurposive, done on purpose, premeditated, preplanned, preconceived;

rare witting

As I was thinking about my effort to #bloglikecrazy, I realized that my writing had to be intentional. But not only my writing but my thoughts and my time. I used that thought as motivation. I drafted about 3 or 4 blog posts, feeling very good about myself. But when I didn’t schedule my post for today, last night, I said, “no worries! I can type during lunch and while my class is napping.” Then life happened and my day gradually went downhill. I was driving home thinking of ways to relax for the evening, and somehow my thoughts immediately came to this blog and my commitment to #bloglikecrazy. I recalled last year when I did not make it past day 3 and quickly gave up on any thoughts or desires of catching up or even posting every once in awhile pretending to be crazy with all the other committed bloggers. I promised myself I would not repeat but surpass last year. No longer motivated to finish what I began last night, I drew strength from my motivation – being intentional. So here’s to day two…

Give love. Get love.


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