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Dear 2018

With only 60 or so days left in 2018, I must stop and reflect on what this year as meant to me. This has been my year of 1st. Shonda Rhimes has the year of yes so 2018 would be my year of first.  And this is actually one of the first years that I can distinctly recall something that happened to me each month or to be fair, maybe each season, particularly this summer aka my summer because my birthday falls in the smack dab middle! More about my fantabulous July in a moment.

First, a quick review:

  • I purchased my 1st new computer. I am currently on my 4th or 5th laptop, and my parents have gifted each of them to me, except that last one that I bought refurbished. But I was able to research and purchase my own this year.
  • I purchased my 1st brand new car. I am currently driving a 2018 vehicle. I have never had a brand new car that I was able to drive off the lot! My dad cosigned on my 1st car, and I bought my 2nd car used. My truck survived 11 years! Yes, survived. We went through a whole lot, and I had to give it up before it gave up on me! The current vehicle was not my 1st choice or any choice at all, but it has been a great decision!
  • I was in a music video! My brother is an artist and decided his most recent single to the beauty of black women. My blonde-tipped curls and thick thighs on featured on a youtube video near you!
  • I was on a national tv show. I have the privilege to work with an organization, Woke Vote, founded by a dear friend, DeJuana Thompson, that was featured on a show, I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman.
  • I attended my 1st baseball game, Birmingham Barons, and I enjoyed it from a skybox! Two 1st in one – baseball game and skybox experience.
  • For the past few years, I have made month-long birthday plans. I am overly considerate of my friends/family and always changed my plans for a one-time celebration. This year for my 38th birthday, I planned, executed and succeeded!
    • At the top of the month, I visited the Legacy Museum in Montgomery. It was a beautiful rainy Saturday when myself and 3 sister-friends learned about our history, our legacy and were motivated for change.
    • The weekend before my birthday, my framily joined me at Do-It-Yourself Crafts and drinks at the Moonshine Rooftop Bar at Elyton Hotel. And I actually participated in the KiKi challenge!!
    • I actually worked on my birthday for the 1st time in forever! But it was a great day.
    • Then at the end of the month (even though this was not my celebration, I am including it), I joined my sister-friend for her “surprise” birthday gathering at Top Golf. She’s a tough one to surprise because she doesn’t like surprises but it all worked out.
  • I experienced my 1st accident, kinda. I have had 4 accidents in my driving career. The 1st shall remain in the past, never to be spoken of. 🤫 The 2nd happened maybe a month after I got my 1st car – entirely my fault and my car was the only one damaged. The 2nd was not my fault, and I never got my car fixed. But the one I experienced the end of September messed me up for a week. It was a fender bender, but it scared me so bad that my anxiety was through the roof and I was miserable for a week. That was a first.
  • Woke Vote was a sponsor for the 77th Annual Magic City Classic. Even though it was a long day, I worked during the corporate tailgate encouraging fans to commit to vote on November 6th, I enjoyed my 2nd skybox experience, and then was able to be on the field during the post-game concert. I had no desire to attend the concert, and we only stayed for about 5 minutes, but it still counts as a first.

So 2018, my highs have indeed outweighed my lows. I entered this year with plans and a purpose. I even did a vision board, for the 1st time – guess this created my precedence for the year. I cannot imagine what these final 60 days will bring, but I am full of expectancy and hope. None of this was accomplished in my strength. I was able to execute with boldness and accomplish things that I could not have even envisioned. I hope to funnel this success into me, my brand, and my future.

Get Love. Give Love.



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