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Too little, Too late – Part 2


I vividly remember being 6 or 7 and daydreaming of my wedding day that would happen at age 25, 27 at the latest. I am pretty sure I was single at 25, and I was fairly confident that the relationship at had at 27/28 would result in marriage. Thankfully, it did not.

When I was 23, I thought it was too late for me to try to return to school for a master’s program. I am not sure what I was thinking in the world, but I can laugh at myself today!

At 30, I worked at a job that stressed me beyond belief, but the paycheck was the best I had earned to date. I could not see the forest for the trees. I was fired at 32.

Now at 40, I have wondered by those “__under__” list stopped at 50. Aside from that, I still have faith that marriage is for me. I am glad I did not get married in my twenties because I was not ready for the responsibility to a man or to God. I am also confident in the fact that we live several lives in the time God grants us. I needed the reminder that it is genuinely not too late in this decade, and I am not too old.

It is incredible to read about a child graduating from high school or college before reaching 20. But why does that celebration for one turn into condemnation for ourselves? We should attribute the same level of astonishment to those brave enough to accomplish any goal or task at any age. With age comes wisdom, and wisdom is priceless. Wisdom does not come because you were the first to finish something; it comes when you can appreciate all you have learned along the way and how it fits into the plan for your life.

Since turning 40 this summer, I accept that I do not have a reason to be embarrassed by my status, income, car, or being single and childless. I can glory in the fact that I am a great teacher, I work hard for my money, I have a reliable car, and my niece, nephew, and Godchildren bring me much joy. I am also free to grow, move, explore, and learn more about myself and the life God has for me.

Time is precious, but it is not too late, and I am not too old.

Give love. Get love.


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