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#bloglikecrazy 2020

How is blog like crazy going? Well, this is week two, and the themes I have chosen are good, but today, they are not working for me. I am not motivated to write about my Sunday theme. I am learning that as much as I love writing and want to become a freelancer, writing terrifies me and excites me at the same time. I select a topic or theme and then wonder if I can write as I need. Then as I type, I wonder if anyone will read or be interested in what I present.

How is blog like crazy going? I have learned that it is easier for me to write someone else’s story than to write about myself. I can create interview questions and write the essay or article with a certain level of ease. Fortunately, on my blog, I can write or interview whomever I want, making it easier for me to tell their story. I am writing about who I know that person to be, and how they see themselves. That marriage gives me a rush. But at the same time, when I have had assignments on strangers, it was still lovely to piece together interview answers into a picture for the reader.

How is blog like crazy going? It is CRAZY! However, I hope to gain a real practice of writing. It is said that it takes 21 days to create a habit. I have 30 days to get there. I used to say that writing comes naturally, but participating in this challenge has proven that statement is not 100% accurate. Sometimes it flows smoothly and readily, and sometimes I have to change my topic at least three times like tonight. I remember my research paper writing days in high school and college, and they were my favorite assignments. I love to research and then write about the discovery I learned during the research. Hopefully, this crazy commitment will rekindle that love.

How is blog like crazy going? I completed today’s writing without giving up because I was very close to doing so. #bloglikecrazy is going, and I may be crazy by the end, but I will be better for it.

Day 8 is complete.

Get love. Give love.


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