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Small Business Saturday Business Spotlight: One Degree, MMM

The Jacqui Jones, Mom, Marketer, and Manager, is the CEO of One Degree, a digital marketing and strategy firm that caters to small businesses. Per their website, One Degree creates uniquely crafted marketing strategies for businesses, brands, and organizations via consultation, coaching and digital marketing services. Since its inception in 2013, Jacqui has accumulated a number of awards and earned high honors for her diligence to her craft and her community.

A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.

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Beyond the awards and list, Jacqui has also created Elevation Academy, an online digital marketing resource. She invites businesses, brands, and just basic people to enter her marketing classroom to learn about content creation apps such as Canva and social media scheduling apps like Later. Jacqui also teaches how to create consistent content, the importance of website management, and many other marketing tools and tricks. The Academy is currently offering an I’ll Do It Myself SeriesMake It Make Sense guiding its pupils down the path from core digital marketing channels to customer acquisition and retention. 

Jacqui may have rightfully earned her accolades alone, but she credits her success to her team. Most recently, she has pivoted her solopreneurship to a company of all-stars. Her energy, personality, consistency, and quality has attracted high talent. Marketing never stops, even during a pandemic. Because of her endurance, she has hired a full staff that she motivates to bring One Degree success and equips them to duplicate the same success in their endeavors.

One Degree, MMM is the one-stop-shop for those willing to put in the work or have the work done for them. It is rare to find a company that will teach you what they know. Jacqui believes that there is room at the table for everyone to eat. This generosity is why her greatness is becoming evident to all.

For more information about One Degree, Elevation Academy or Jacqui, visit or follow @onedegreemmm, @theelevationacademy, @TheJacquiJones across all social media platforms.

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