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Thankful Thursdays

In a world where it is so easy to be negative, why not take a step back with a heart of gratitude and give your heart a reason to smile!

I am thankful for…

  • a sound mind, mobility of my limbs, and control of my bodily functions (after I thank God for waking me up, I rattle this off my lips)
    • the 1st should be self-explanatory, but I will forever be grateful to God that the things I have seen, felt, survived, and endured did not cause my mind to snap or break
    • I have been bedridden because my body fails me from time to time, but I can still walk, feed myself, drive myself, and exercise. 😉
    • I am happy not to need an adult diaper – that’s it!
  • my parents – the pandemic brought about a new sense of appreciation of their love for me, their favorite child! 😁 I gave my mom kudos, and dad will have his time to shine soon!
  • #verzuz music battles (Brandy/Monica, Fred/Kirk, Erykah/Jill, Patti/Gladys)
  • Puma – these shoes have become my favorite brand. I have struggled for about 6 years, trying to find a great shoe that I can comfortably wear all day. I spend most of my workday on my feet and spent too many of those days dragging my body around on achy soles, weak ankles, and achy calves because I did not have the proper footwear. Best thing to happen to my feet! (I still want a pair of Nike AirMax, though!)
  • the musical Hamilton – I am not a big musical fan, but I will watch them (Mary Poppins is a fave!) Thanks to Disney+, I fell in love with Lin-Manuel Miranda and his incredibly creative mind. I am not throwing away my shot! To the groom…to the bride! I wanna be in the room when it happens!
  • Leslie Odom, Jr. – I am a fan because of the previous point. And I’m grateful!
  • press-on nails – refer to this post
  • facial masks and sheets – face mask acne is not flattering. I wear a face mask for at least 8 hours a day. Facial masks have become a staple of my skincare routine. I used them before this new normal, but now I must use them.
  • my cellphone car mount – my best friend upgraded me from my cupholder, and it has been a game-changer!

I am certain I will add to this list in future posts. Create your own list to refer to whenever a gentle pick-me-up is needed. Or journal your gratitude daily to keep things in perspective. A Thank You goes such a long way.

Give love. Get love.


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