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Too old and Too late – Part 1

Today is election day, and thankfully I voted early. Our presidential candidates are men in the 70s. Traditionally, 70+-year-olds are retiring. It is hard to believe that either of them thought it was too late for them to attempt to claim the highest seat of government. It is possible that someone in their circles told them they were too old to run for office. Yet, here we are told deciding if our next president will be 77 years old or 74 years old at their inauguration.

It would seem that if anything can be taken away from this election season is that you are never too old to throw your hat in the ring. It is never too late to try because what’s the worst that could happen?

For me, I have decided that I am not too old to be girly. I have never had a desire to wear acrylic or press-on nails. Friends and influencers have shown how easy they are, so I bought the bait. I have had the short, black, glossy set of nails for MONTHS. Saturday night, I took the plunge and am so happy I did!

Throughout the years, I made minor attempts to keep my nails manicured and maintained. I could never understand trying to keep my nails painted when I continuously wash my hands throughout the day. And because I keep my hands on my face, smelling nail polish has never been alluring.

Somehow the makeup bug took a big bite into my sister or whatever I was supposed to get, she got. The makeup, weave, nails, etc. she does it all. I am not trying to paint the picture that I am a tomboy, but the most makeup I wear is liner, mascara, and lipstick. I have so much hair that weave has never been anything I have been interested in. Wearing acrylic nails never appealed to me. But looking at my hands today has made me feel so feminine and delicate. I do not know what it is, but I am enjoying the ride.

I am looking forward to stretching myself. I am going to make a nail appointment, and maybe getting a pattern. I am also looking forward into my dive to makeup!

Give love. Get love.


2 thoughts on “Too old and Too late – Part 1

  1. I know how I’m feeling about work at 47, couldn’t imagine trying to jump on a bigger train when I’m in my 70’s. Something about rich people wanting to govern poor people is hard enough; but rich OLD people doing is mind blowing.

    Valerie in makeup!!! I have to see this 🤗💄


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