Treasure Hunt

Every Christmas since maybe my college years, perhaps my mid-20s, my dad has ended the gift opening/exchange with a treasure hunt. Each family member has a stocking that contains a clue/riddle. We have to figure out the hiding place of the next clue which may or may not have a present with it. Typically, the gifts start small or less expensive and end with a pleasant surprise. This year, the hunts for myself and sister ended with Brahmin bags. My mom got her Brahmin under the tree. My dad also began the “tradition” of gifting the girls with similar gifts. When she pulled it out, I was asked if I would carry a purse like that, but I have not been a fan of that brand. When I saw my sister’s, I was even more convinced that I do not like these bags. However, when I found my beautiful Brahmin, I was pleasantly surprised but still not 100% sure I would carry it. I gave it a spin last night by taking it to church and realized it would fit my style!

While sitting in church, my Pastor gave a list of things related to how we approach this year. One item was about marriage and something he said lead me on a stream of consciousness. I do not recall exactly what he said that made me think of my Brahmin bag. I started thinking of how my dad is still my covering/protector/husbandman until I am married. I related these expensive gifts as his way of teaching me not to settle for less. Not saying that I will only marry a man who can buy me expensive bags but I will know how it feels to be lavished. I sat in church grateful for the way my dad chooses to express himself. Up until last night, I did not understand and at times thought it silly for my dad to spend so much. I entered into the new year grateful for his language of love.

Give love. Get love. Show love in 2019.


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