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My Intentions

It is 1 month from Christmas and that means about 37 days until the end of 2018. These numbers have caused me to think of ways I can end 2018 on a high and propel me forward into 2019. 

  1. I intend to lose 15 lbs. 
    • I think this is more than doable. How?
      • I know what exercises I am capable of doing.
      • I can chug green smoothies because I make the best ones. And I really need to see that number on the scale much lower when I go to the doctor next month!
      • I am also cutting out sweets until Christmas. 
  2. I intend to make better financial choices
    • A few weeks ago I was stressing about my finances, a feeling I had not experienced since late last year, maybe early this year. But I know that small changes will make a big difference. How?
      • Not buying lunch every single day! (This will also help me reach my no. 1 intent!)
      • Then on the days, I do not buy lunch, not to feel obligated to spend money. 
      • Stop impulsive shopping.
  3. I intend to write more
    • This See Jane Write challenge has helped me to see that I really need to write more
    • I also realize it is imperative to follow-thru
  4. I intend to practice self-care
    • I have thought about and discussed therapy for over a year. It is time I find a therapist
    • Massages are great, and I need them more often
    • Working out is great. And again, this will help me to reach Intention no.1!
  5. I intend to have my own place 
    • I have procrastinated on this out of fear. I do not want to end up back where I am, and I do not want to be in my own place struggling to make ends meet. 
    • I intend to get serious about the process of either renting again or homeownership this year!
6. I intend to read more
  • While cleaning this weekend, I found a book that I gushed over for months and finally bought. It was sitting in a bag I used to carry. Out of sight, out of mind. I am going to finish that book this year!

I will probably write these in my journal as another form of accountablility and as a way to remind myself of what I need to get done. These are all very achievable. Faith over fear!

Give love. Get love. 


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