I love Me

These are a few of my Favorite things

This is just a a short list of a few my favorite things:

Season: Summer  – I love summer mostly because my birthday falls in the smack dab middle. But there’s also watermelon in season and endless supplies of ice cream. The beach is awesome. I love the ocean. Sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories. And if I had my way, we would all have a summer break!

Holiday: Christmas – This is a time of love and joy. My heart grows three sizes bigger, just like the Grinch. Speaking of which, holiday movies are the best. I like to cook and bake, but this is the only time of year where I feel obligated to do so, and I don’t mind that. Christmas carols and songs just keep me merry and bright. 

Book: I have 2 – the dictionary and the Bible. Both can lead you down rabbit holes, especially with the way my brain works. I can look up one word and something in the meaning or the synonym which leads me to look up words upon words. I also love word origins which cause me to look up more words. The same thing happens in the Bible. I can look up or just read scripture, in general, then something – a footnote, a word, a thought, anything – causes me to look up another scripture and I can keep that going on and on. 

Color – I have colors I love and colors I love to wear. I love green and purple. I have several green pens and purple pens. While traveling this summer, I realized that my luggage, neck pillow, glasses and something else I had were all purple. My yoga mat is purple; my favorite scarf is purple; my favorite emoji is the purple heart, and if I could I would wear purple lipstick every day. So maybe I like purple more than green?? But I love wearing black and gray. I just bought 4 gray sweaters. I probably wear black every single day. I have tried to venture out to other colors, but I always go back to black. Wearing white other than a white oxford shirt is not anything I desire. Besides, black is the absorption of every color. It contains all the colors of the spectrum!

Day of the week – I think this is an odd one but my favorite day is Thursday. I was born on a Thursday and since I found that out, it has become my favorite day. Maybe I should start writing on Thursdays??

I might do this list again naming a few of my other favorites!

Give love. Get love. 


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