I love Me


November has presented herself in such lady-like fashion, and I’m here for it!

For the past several years, an old friend yet quite accomplished blogger/writer/boss babe, Javacia Harris Bowser, has established a community for women writers who have been given a 30-day challenge to #bloglikecrazy. I merely read about it last year. I had not created my blog yet and thought it very lofty to think I could even remotely tend to this blog for thirty whole days.

But I am here, and I am writing and challenging myself. I have found myself adopting a sense of failure. I realized that I rarely complete those things I commit to like eat healthy for a week, workout for 21 days, become vegan, learn to knit, etc. So this is something that I have mustered up the courage to accomplish. I need to practice. I want to become a freelance writer, and that cannot happen if I am not writing and providing content worth searching and being compensated for.

I am excited. I am nervous. I am so glad November is here. I am ready to finish 2017 so high and full of passion and hope. I am appreciative of Javacia for her consistently, as an example of her tribe of scribes.

I am not going to be intimidated by word count or readership. I am just going to embrace the craziness and do what I do….and I write.

November: Novem– Latin for nine (number of finality).


Give Love. Get Love.


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