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Gifting from the Heart

I have found a love for CRAFTING! Making things with my hands is a nice distraction! Pinterest has helped me find ways to turn my anxiety in trying to see my vision through coloring, gluing, pasting, and cutting while at the same time,  provide me a strong sense of pride as I stand back in awe of my creativity.

 20170214_172813.jpg  /20170626_105133.jpg  20170426_142049 20170404_232808

Since I am not in a position to create as often as I would prefer, I love to support those who have mastered the art of handcrafted production. That’s when I turn to the world wide web because I specialize in gift-giving! The holidays are a perfect time to personalize your admiration for those you love. uncommongoods.com is the perfect site for those specialty items that fit every member on that Christmas list! I also love a site that offers sustainable products because loving the earth is a gift in and of itself.

What drew me to their site was the picture of records/vinyl discs as bowls! I immediately knew I could find something for my extremely talented and gifted brother and sister-in-love! Whatever I choose from their unique selection of gifts for men* would work for either of them. I love being able to gift the unexpected, especially since my sister has had to come to grips with sharing the holiday with my nephew. They deserve gifts that speak to who they are as people and as a power couple who just happen to be great parents!

If your mom is like mine, shopping for her can be very tricky! Jewelry? My dad has that covered! Clothes? She handles that well all by herself. Keepsakes? Mementos? She really isn’t into those at all. Uncommongoods.com gives me the opportunity to present something to my mom that I can be proud of! Thankfully they offer an excellent assortment* for all the women in my family. I have yet to find a gift that I could custom create to suit her tastes but their recipe book is perfect because she has a very worn book of dishes passed down from my grandmother and my aunt.

Being the researcher I am, I was ecstatic to find out that this site could also assist me in shopping for my extended family. My One Love babies will always be within my circle of gratitude. Their parents trusted me and my efforts to open my childcare business. The one-of-a-kind array of Christmas gifts for children* will help me further express my appreciation. what-I-want-tags-for-kids-for-the-holidays I am certain I will be able to combine The Want, The Need, A Wear and A Read, somehow…

This gift-giving season will not be as stressful. Whatever I am not able to accomplish through the works of my hands will be done from the coziness of my bed. Yet, I don’t think anything will ever take away from searching catalogs and posting lists on my bedroom door.

Give Love. Get Love.

*affiliate link

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