Support is a Verb

Buy Black 365

In celebration of Black History Month, with all of our accomplishments, triumphs, and notable first, let’s honor each other and #buyblack! This is part II to my family feature.

  • Internationally renowned pianist & producer Cameron J. Sankey is putting in work! Released in October 2021, 2am provides a pleasant, smooth, mellow mood. This track is for jazz and music loves alike! Purchase, download, stream, and share!
  • Beaded jewelry will never go out of style. Whether you prefer to adorn your wrist or your waist, LaToya Thigpen of Beaded by LMTHIG VIP sells self care bracelets like malachite and black jasper set or mahogany waist beads. Visit her Etsy store or follow her social media pages.
  • Self-care is a luxury we should all bank time to afford because me time is never selfish! Invest in yourself by booking an appointment at LifeTouch Massage, where relief is only a touch away. Their Life Touch Signature Massage Treatment maximizes the power of touch we’ve missed keeping our distances. I need to book the Neuromuscular Therapy Massage for myself! Book your me-time at today!
  • Be prepared for everyone to ask, where did you get those? “Ready to celebrate any occasion, the Noire Goddess Post Earrings will dress up any look.” Get yours for $75 at Materials and Description: Brass, hoplite, feathers.
  • It’s never too late to do the right thing! Your body will appreciate the roughage of a colorful, leafy salad. Walter Goss, a self-proclaimed salad enthusiast, has created Just Greenz Gourmet Salads. His Mediterranean and Greenz Special offerings are amazing! The love and attention he puts into each order is easily transferred upon opening each salad treat. Contact him at Order yours now!
  • Pregnancy can be as scary as it is exciting. Being knowledgeable and prepared is the best armor a parent can wear. Hire a doula as your advocate, your educator, your support. Crown of Glory Birth, owned and operated by Nadia Gramby, is here to provide you or your pregnant loved one all the tools needed for a successful birth.
  • Now is as good of a time as any to revamp or refresh your style. Ashanti Jasper is prepared to provide lead you to the look you deserve. Book your consultation today at!
  • If you are searching for some excellence in grace, these beautifully designed mugs by Dr. Donna P. Turner (illustrations by her niece) are precisely what you need . Simple sayings such as, Go Be Great…it’s in your DNA, and I am that I am are powerful reminders as you sip your morning coffee or afternoon tea. She also offers notecards with the same for you to share. Place your order now:
  • Diva Cordelia Anderson is known for singing operatic ballads all across the state, country, and world. An associate professor in Vocal Studies, Dr. Anderson, offers voice training and is available for workshops and master classes. Visit to view all of her services.
  • Ursula Smith is a dynamic artistic force. She has created a platform for Black and Brown children to see and experience dance in various forms. Brown Sugar Nutcracker is steadily becoming a Birmingham staple during the Christmas season. Now she is premiering a Daddy/Daughter Dance, get your tickets today. Explore the site for her other offerings.
  • David Smith has a heart for artistry. He is constantly pushing for more and better for those in his craft by hosting workshops, clinics, and sheds. David is always taking the gig as a world-traveled drummer, music teacher, and minister! Get your tickets now for his tribute to the music of his childhood and source of inspiration.

As much as we appreciate Black History Month, we are black 24/7/365 and that is how often the support is needed and appreciated. Find these people. Follow their social media pages. Visit their websites. Spread their joy.

Give love. Get love.


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