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Small Business Saturday Business Spotlight: A Little Joy & Grace

She’s a multi-tasking mogul and bountifully blessed mother and wife. Courtney L. Sankey is the owner-operator (and photographer, social media manager, designer, inventory manager, and idea generator) of A Little Joy and Grace, an inspirational and culturally-appropriate t-shirt line. Named after her daughters, Isabella Grace and Olivia Joy, Courtney used this pandemic to her advantage and took the plunge into entrepreneurship.

If you know Courtney, then you know that she is friendly, fearless, and phenomenally focused. Once she sets her mind to a task, she is going to see it through the end. Being a t-shirt lover, I was excited to see the product she would release, and I am hardly disappointed. Courtney can find inspiration (listen to her why) from everywhere. Her ears are primed for the perfect t-shirt design. She uses her conversations with God and her five children as opportunities for optimism.

Inspirational designs that remind about God’s goodness to statements of Black authority, A Little Joy & Grace aims to give the wearer encouragement for themselves and others.

Courtney also decided to offer custom designs. During this election season, she provided several ideas rallying people to get to the polls. Sororities and fraternities from the Divine Nine sought her for VOTE shirts in their organization’s colors. She was challenged by a family member to create tees featuring the meaning of their children’s names. This idea gives parents a chance to gift their children a strong sense of self-identity. As I often say, the name determines the function. These are just a few examples of the excellence of her brand.

Social media is full of ads with various brands selling t-shirts with whatever they want to express. Courtney ignored the idea of saturation because she knew she had something to contribute. She knew what she’s seen and heard needed to be offered. And why not? There is a customer for everyone willing to put in the work, and Courtney works hard. She enjoys seeing her friends, family, and strangers in her designs and then hearing their testimonies of how someone was blessed, motivated, or encouraged by her ideas.

To those moms who think they are too busy or feel overwhelmed…
To those women who think there is no room for them…
To those who feel defeated by the pandemic…
Courtney’s advice? Just do it! You can perfect it later.

You can find Courtney’s designs at Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @alittlejoyandgrace.


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