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Small Business Saturday Business Spotlight: Chic Gems

Meet Sonja Jones, a caring Birmingham preschool teacher and nanny, a dedicated dance teacher for Ursula Smith Dance Academy, an accomplished dancer apart of the Brown Sugar Nutcracker, future children’s book author, a loving daughter, a supportive sister, and nurturing mother of a beautiful 7-year-old daughter. She has now added solopreneur/boutique owner to her list of accolades.

October 1, 2020, Sonja took a leap of faith and introduced the world to Chic Gems, her online thrifted boutique. She has taken her love for timeless clothing and combined it with her eye for fashion to bless others with her gift.

Describing her style as comfy chic, Sonja skillfully discovers unique picks and makes them work for her. She and her older sister enjoy shopping at local thrift stores, filling their baskets with pieces that would make them gasp. Then they would complete the painstaking task of sorting through their finds to see what they could actually work into their wardrobe and style. Friends and coworkers compliment her selections and styles, often asking her if she could shop for them. Thrifting is not something everyone loves to do, so Sonja does not mind doing it for them!

Drawing inspiration from fashionable actresses such as Tracee Ellis Ross and Janelle Monae because of their daring choices and bold colors, Sonja loves pieces that she can move freely in such as dresses, skirts, and rompers. Since fashion is continuously recycling, everything old is once again new. Thrifting is always about finding that diamond in the rough and making those finds fit your style. Sonja is drawn to pieces with funky prints or sequins and then showing how versatile those treasures can be.

Sonja hopes Chic Gems will expand so that she is able to style moms needing a fresh look or dads needing a helping hand. Being a personal stylist would be another title she hopes to add to her list of accomplishments. She is truly an inspiration because of how she juggles her roles so well while looking comfy chic!

Follow her shop on Instagram @chic_gems_thrifted or search for Chic_Gems_ on Poshmark!


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