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How the Mighty Have Fallen

2020 has been a…2020. I don’t want to sound cliche,’ so that’s my opener. Pandemic, economy, school, election. So many things for 365 days.

I do not exactly recall where I was when I read Kobe and his daughter were involved in a fatal accident, but I know I was not at home. I was doing my typical pause between comment scrolling during a conversation with friends and did not want to say anything for fear that it might not be true. I also checked my younger brother’s social media accounts for confirmation of the news. When he didn’t post, I knew it couldn’t be valid. But when I received confirmation, I was gutted for his family, friends, teammates, supporters, and fans. When I don’t have a personal connection to someone upon their death, my heart is immediately extended to those who loved and knew them well. Although I was not a fan of Bryant, I respected his talent and knew that he significantly impacted the game.

RBG was a badass. A no-nonsense associate justice that deserved all the respect she commanded, she ran her race and ran it well. Like most white, male-dominated industries, her appointment is the shoulders that Madam Vice President-elect Kamala Harris currently stands upon. Her boldness and fashion sense will continue to drive her legacy.

Chadwick Boseman was an acting beast. I did not mind him playing iconic black men. He was terrific as James Brown. I loved him as Jackie Robison. I wanted more from him as Thurgood Marshall. However, bringing a comic book hero to life was LIFE! King T’Challa could not have been more than what Chadwick did. Gone too soon is an understatement but God’s wisdom far exceeds our own. I was selfishly looking forward to seeing who else’s story could he embody, but I’m sure his story is worth reading and watching.

I have been trying to recall how I came to love Jeopardy! so much. I do not know if it goes back to my scholar’s bowl days in sixth grade or just my authentic love for trivia. I have always enjoyed game shows, but Jeopardy stuck with me. When Alex Trebek revealed his cancer diagnosis, I did not like his retirement and subsequent replacement speculations. There is no replacement for Trebek because he is Jeopardy. If he retired, then the game is retiring too. Now having to speculate the future of the game, I would be lying if I am not curious to see if they can find someone to replace him and someone who would want to replace him. Those are such enormous shoes to fill, and if the producers decided to move forward, we, mainly I, would adjust or fall off.

Hopefully enough seeds have been planted this year for 2021 to fully flourish.

Give love. Get love.


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