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The Pen is Mightier

My hair has brought me more attention that I could ever imagine. It’s always been thick (just like my thighs!), and the longer it grew, the more people stared. I never really saw it as a significant feat or accomplishment. It was just how God saw fit to create me.

My hair and I have gone through many stages and phases. Growing up, I dreaded hearing someone moan or sigh when my mom asked what the price was to either braid or straighten my never-ending lusciousness. When I finally got the courage to wash and blow dry my hair, I understood the sighs but still did not appreciate them.

When I turned 16, I was allowed to get a relaxer. I felt a burden lift as the chemicals were slathered on my virgin tresses . My hair became slightly more manageable for me to tackle. I was in college when I decided to color my hair. I felt a new wave of freedom and creativity.

In my twenties, I decided I honestly did care about having long hair and cut my bra strap length hair into a tapered blonde bob. I enjoyed that so much that I kept my hair short for about five years.

As I approached 30, I decided to relinquish all of the chemicals and return to my natural black curly hair. It was not a smooth transition. I assumed it would be a simple process, but I did not learn to love my curls until maybe a month ago. Because of this lack of appreciation, I cut my hair into a short tapered cut that I wore for about three years.

Today, my hair is almost bra-strap length. Gray curls frame my temples. I think I am finally ready to let blonde go once and for all. I love coloring my hair. I think my next will be violet or maybe a blue-black. I may have let go of the short-hair bug, maybe. But when I was approached by a talented, respectfully, artistic, mature 11th grader to be the subject for her project for art class, I was considerably humbled. She wanted someone with curly/textured hair and immediately thought of me.

Being the awkward soul, I am, she took a seemingly embarrassing picture and made it solid gold! I did not know whether to smile, look directly at her phone, take off my glasses or my scarf, or what. So I decided to look into the distance slightly. Regardless, her pen drawing was more than acceptable to her teacher. Le Femme won her Best in Show in Congressman Gary Palmer’s 2019 Congressional Art Show. My face is headed to Washington DC to be on display for 365 days in the US Capitol Building!

I have always admired Nylah’s talent. She is always admired my hair. When my curls cooperated the least, her compliments encouraged me the most. She is a current seamstress and future fashion designer. Her gift is making room for her right now and great men will see what her capable hands can do.

To say that I am humbled is the current understatement of the year. Her mother called me last night so excited for ME. I did nothing. Her daughter is the artist. She was ecstatic about my face, my hair, my curls being delivered our nation’s capital. Now I have to plan a trip to DC to see it hanging in the Capitol for myself. This is history in the making.

More to come…

Give love. Get love.


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