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to be loved

Have you ever felt that you need to do something or create something that not only makes your momma proud but also makes your friends happy they know you? I am not sure what that feeling is called but I am at that place. I want to give my folks something to brag about and give my tribe I reason to say they know me. I want to be able to put Birmingham on in a big way. As much as I am a behind-the-scenes, I am excited about displaying my work. It is a strange dichotomy: I want my craft to be loved and accepted but I have to learn to not care if it’s not. Everything I do is not going to be for everyone. The need to be accepted is such a difficult, natural human emotion to situate into everyday life. However, like I just confessed to a friend, I am at a time and place where I just need to follow through with my intentions. I have always been artistic but never truly embraced those tendencies to the point of calling myself an artist. I have claimed to be a “creative” but I must welcome and accept the title of artist knowing that what I do, I will excel and thereby make my momma proud.


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