I love Me

The Art of Avoidance

My mom offered to gift me a coat for Christmas. I picked out one, actually 2 I wanted. She told me to order what I wanted. Once I was able to finally narrow it down, the one I wanted was sold out in the color and size I wanted and needed. Last night she suggested going to the physical store to see if they had it. I decided to go by there before I came home. After wandering around the store, I found the coats for sale, but not what I saw on online. But I decided to keep browsing just to see what I could see. 

While admiring some pajamas, I hear a cackle, a familiar cackle. I turn my head to the direction of the infamous laugh, and sure enough, I knew exactly who it was – someone I did not want to speak to, hold small talk with, or nothing. No discussion, no wave – NOTHING. So, instead of making a beeline towards the door which would have probably ended in disaster, I decided to keep looking around the store while keeping my eye in the direction of the cackle. I was tipping around the store as if my shoes could be heard or the floor creaked. Once I realized that I was probably looking suspicious, I tried to remain normal yet hidden. 

I was looking for some items of clothing I need for this weekend and wanted to make one more skim to another department. This meant the possibility of me being seen. I decided I would glance and step on out. I was frantically searching sizes of some pants, and it dawned on me, my hair is straight, and the owner of the cackle did not know that. My brown/blonde curls are undeniable, but these silky, straight locks almost give me a disguise. I found comfort in that until I thought I heard my name. I quickly looked up, felt that we would lock eyes soon, so I left. Once I hit the door, I gingerly waltzed to my car knowing I had successfully avoided an encounter I was not prepared for, regardless of the outcome. 

Give love. Get love. Or hide! 


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