Humble Beginnings

It happened either on my way into work this morning or while I was sitting during my break time. It is a thought that has become quite common with me these days, “I really do love my job. I really do love teaching.” However, during the last few hours of my shift today, I was frustrated with every word that came out of any of my students’ mouths. I did not want another question and had no more answers to give. As I was leaving, I began to wonder, “Do I really love my job? Am I sure I love teaching?”

Tonight, I had the lovely task of helping my 5 year old niece with her Kindergarten homework. Because she has completed and graduated from preschool, my frustration with things I think she should be retaining after 3 months of school, grew with every passing minute. I am often frustrated with I have to help her because I have to do the same thing all day. When I get home, I barely want to talk much less teach or instruct. 

After wanting to pull my hair out, my niece went to my mom to complete her nightly reading minutes. My mom recalled that I would make the same mistakes with my reading at her age – unable to recall a word or letter that I would have just read. She said she knew then that she did not have the patience to teach. She said I would make her so frustrated but look at me now! I knew my niece’s behavior was typical, but it did not lessen my frustration. However, to hear my mom say something that I would not believe otherwise was a gut check; partially because I have always considered myself a nerd, a minor genius. But nerds have to start somewhere. I immediately felt some sympathy towards my niece. My mom said it is no telling how she will end up if we started out the same way – frustrating those who were trying to help!

My niece is very bright, and that is my unbiased opinion. Her mom is going to retire early because of her talents! My niece is going to surpass me. 

Give love. Get love. 


2 thoughts on “Humble Beginnings

  1. Lol…It’s funny when we look at the little ones we influence frustrate us with the same behaviors and habits that we exhibited when we were their age. My 2 kids exhibit two separate sides of me, and being able to experience it is entertaining and very much like playing quarterback. I can explain to them why they do the things they do, and what they were thinking when they did it.

    It sounds funny when I’m saying it, Patience grasshopper…PATIENCE!!! It’s a process not a sprint, but you are a “Minor” genius 🤗


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