Personal essays

Whoa…Day 6

I almost forgot to write…

Continuing from yesterday’s rant, I have decided a solution is for me to start over. I need to move. Maybe to another city but I think a different state would be best. Because I am living with my parents, I thought that maybe just getting my own place would appease these feelings of suffocation and unfulfillment but I think I would only be temporarily satisfied.

While making this decision, I immediately panicked because I have no idea where to go or how I would get there or what I would do once I landed. No connections or leads or anything. So much to figure out but something that truly needs to happen. An idea I had many years ago but buried thinking I was crazy or that I may have moved on. But now I’m convinced that I should make this happen. And I guess if it doesn’t work, I can always come back home…


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