Gifting from the Heart – Parents edition

With 7 days left until Christmas, I am updating this post from last month targeted towards a specific group – PARENTS!

If your home is already overrun with toys (see yesterday’s post )and you know your child will not be excited about any piece of clothing, consider these options:

  • Create experiences!
    • Ask relatives for memberships to local museums, like the McWane Science Center, or to the Zoo, or even play experiences such as Kindermusik, ArtPlay at UAB
    • Download/print the upcoming schedule of your local event arena and allow your child to select a performance.
    • Plan a road trip or your child’s 1st train/plane trip. You can include your child in the planning process by allowing them to pick stops or attractions. They can also help save towards the trip (a lesson in responsibility¬†and delayed gratification¬†ūüėČ).
    • Take your child to their favorite restaurant or play spot. If you are a parent of multiples, spread this treat through your Christmas break with each child.
  • Participate in Random Act of Kindness
    • distribute socks and toiletries to the homeless
    • distribute homemade Christmas cards at a local assisted living facility
    • give old/gently used books to your pediatrician’s¬†office
    • donate coloring books and crayons to a children’s hospital
    • offer a homecooked meal to a family spending the holidays in your local Ronald McDonald House

However, if you feel that your child deserves a toy or something tangible to unwrap Christmas morning, how about

  • if your child is in preschool, ask your child’s teacher if there is a toy your child prefers or plays with daily
  • choose toys that they can grow into such as magnetic tiles, legos, building blocks (search for patterns online for your child to attempt)
  • board games (they allow for not only teaching experiences but also help create family¬†memories)
  • invest in your child’s interest (Proverbs 22:6 AMP)
    • voice lessons
    • acting classes
    • joining a team sport

Again, make Christmas more about the giving. We are all given the gift of Jesus, God’s son. He’s the reason we celebrate so in that spirit, show your children how to express that same level love, beginning in your home, and spreading it everywhere they go.

Give Love. Get Love.



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