I Love God

What is Love ?

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For me, ♥ Love ♥ is so many things. It is a feeling, an action, an expression, an ideal. It is God.

I do not recall when I fell in love with the word, feeling and idea of LOVE. But when I did, I fell hard. It is such a simple yet deep concept. It makes or breaks people and relationships. It can be easily ignored and expressed. But my heart knows it, feels it and is constantly making me find ways to express it.

If I learn a friend’s favorite food, color, drink, or past time,  I will find a way to randomly surprise them with a gift. When I see a new mom, I trip over myself trying to offer my assistance. Hearing a simple worship song or reading a scripture reminds me of how much love God has shown me. Then I repeat the cycle by looking for ways to express that love.

Love is an action. It is an expression of the words that you confess with your mouth. Ultimately, love is sacrifice. If God is surrender his only son for the world, then we should be able to provide the same level of commitment in our own worlds.

Give love. Get love.

What does love mean to you? What is your love language?


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