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Thankful Thursday – Part 3

Today, I am thankful for my circle.

The Life Coach

Tonight, I received an unexpected phone call from a very good girlfriend/mentor/life coach. She was just calling to check on me, and it gave me the best and warmest feeling knowing that I am loved to that degree. Talking with her reminded me of the times we would spend together riding in her green Saab convertible with the top down or just chilling at the house watching TV. I appreciate my friendship with her because if no one else understands my pain, frustration, or fatigue, she does. Because I have a disease that does not “make me look sick,” it helps to have someone who gets it. I don’t have to go into detail, and she doesn’t ask too many questions. It makes such a difference!

The Four

I have three girlfriends with whom I have created an unbelievable connection. Two sets of best friends that equal = The Four. We organically merged together. These women are incredibly strong, successful, and smart and have decided to be my friend. Three of us have known each other since we were younger, and the 4th has become my best friend. Our personalities complement each other so well. We laugh together – A LOT. We pray together. We support each other. They constantly make me proud. They have been the bond I never knew I needed. I can whine and moan in a judgement free space. And to sound very mushy, they are the wind beneath my wings! They also love despite the fact that I use Facebook the least so they either have to explain something they saw, screenshot it, or just wait for me to catch up.

The Game Changer

This woman is taking over area codes! But when she is home, her accomplishments and accolades mean nothing when a Phase Ten game is on the table. She is the hostess with the mostest! Her heart is so big, and she loves hard. I will always appreciate an unexpected phone call that will always include a good, side-splitting laugh session. She is wise beyond her year and will never miss an opportunity to serve. She has always marched to the beat of her own drum which explains how she currently serves as a drum major. I am invariably inspired by her giving spirit.

My 80s baby

I have been so incited by this friend that she has been the topic of a blog post at least three times. The amount of boldness and faith she possesses is remarkable. Our birthdays are four months apart, yet she would never let us enjoy the age we were before trying to us to where we are now…40. I appreciate being a witness to her growth and expansion as a woman, a wife, a mother, and a business owner. She allows me to be there for her, by her side, helping in any capacity. She is my shero.

My Sister

Growing up, it was just my younger brother and me. We had very few shared interests – he was an athlete, and I was a bookworm (although he is much smarter than me). Around 8 or 9, I began to earnestly pray to God for a sister. I never questioned if God was genuinely listening, but when He answered my prayer at 11, my faith went through the roof! I became highly invested in my mom’s pregnancy, reading every book and article that I could consume after completing my school work. It was a high honor for me when my parents allowed the name I chose for my sister to become a reality. Initially, we did not have the relationship I dreamed of because of our age gap. However, what we could not establish then we have more than made up for it now. She knows me better than I know myself. Sometimes I forget that we are 11 years apart. She is my voice of reason and my best cheerleader. She is my constant reminder that God answers my prayers, petitions, and sincere cries.

These women are my circle. They know me in different capacities but love me in the best way. I thank God that He would allow them to cross my paths and grow me with me. They push me out of my cozy comfort zone because they believe the best for me. I will always love them, even when they hurt my feelings (I can be very emotional). It doesn’t get much better than this.

Get love. Give love.


4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – Part 3

  1. That was a phenomenal read and I’m excited to hear that your circle is such a strong and nurturing asset for you in your life. You speak of how much these women have meant to you in your growth and development, but I’m more than confident that your loyalty, selflessness and love has their tanks more than overflowing. You are a bigger blessing than you ever give yourself credit for.

    And for the record Ike isn’t smarter than you!!


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